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Editorial Services

Effective writing is both a talent and a skill. While most people can be taught how to write competently, effectively engaging your audience is another matter, which is where I can help you.


In addition to selling beautiful yarns, spinning fibers, publications, and notions, I offer Editorial Services for those looking for copy editing and developmental editorial assistance because most people can use a bit of assistance when they are looking to make an impression with their writing. 

I understand. Many of us may feel protective of our writing, and we don't necessarily want to expose ourselves to critique. However, a quick stroll through so-called professional social media accounts will, sadly, show us that most people could use a good editor. 

Writing, like all talents, needs be practiced, corrected, and redone for the skill to grow and flourish, and that's where a strong editor can be of assistance.

With a BA, MA, and PhD in English, more than thirty professional publications, upwards of twenty-five conference presentations, and a number of successful grant proposals, I possess more than twenty years of experience teaching literature, language, and professional and academic writing along with research experience at the university level. While at Wilkes University, I worked on curricular development and assessment, was tenured and promoted to Associate Professor in 2012, and served as the chair of the Faculty Affairs Committee. Additionally, I was a librarian/archivist and high school English writing teacher. This expertise is further augmented by my time as Book Review Editor at the James Joyce Quarterly and Editor of the Journal of Erie Studies. 

You can find my published work in the South Asian Review, Modern Fiction Studies, The James Joyce Quarterly, ARIEL, Studies in Popular Culture, Tulsa Studies in Women's Literature, The Journal of the History of Medicine and Allied Sciences, The International Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences, and Consciousness, Literature, and the Arts. Prior to resigning from Wilkes University, I compiled and published the online Elizabeth Bowen Bibliography, a comprehensive and exhaustive undertaking that incorporated and significantly extended the work by J'Nan Sellery and William O. Harris in 1981 to include works not previously listed in their bibliography and works published between 1981 and 2017. And now, in addition to owning this yarn store, I'm also the Grants Director at the Bayfront East Side Taskforce. Writing is in my blood. I've honed this talent since the first time I picked up a pen. 

I have a broad, solid, and knowledgable range of editorial and writing experience coupled with an  expert skill set to assist you with your writing needs.  

I offer both copyediting/proofreading services and developmental editing (assistance with idea formation and development). If interested, please contact me at or by calling the store at 814.520.6728.

Rates are based on those suggested by the Editorial Freelancers Association, credentials, and expertise.

Editorial Rates:

Copyediting/proofreading (simple line editing and correction suggestions for spelling, grammar, mechanics, and clarity): 4 - 6 pages/hour at a rate of $55/hour

Developmental editing (more in-depth assistance and suggestions regarding idea development, clarity, focus, content, structure, unity, evidence, and support along with commentary and suggestions regarding attribution to outside source material): 4 - 6 pages/hour at a rate of $75/hour

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