Editorial Services

I do offer Professional Editorial Services. With a BA, MA, and PhD in English and a number of professional publications and grant proposals, along with more than twenty years of teaching and research experience at the university level and one year librarian/archivist and high school teaching experience in addition to my time as Book Review Editor at the James Joyce Quarterly and Editor of the Journal of Erie Studies, my skill set offers a solid and knowledgable range to assist you with your writing needs. 

I offer both copyediting/proofreading services and developmental editing (assistance with idea formation and development. If interested, please contact me at habetrotswheel@gmail.com or by calling the store at 814.520.6728.

Rates are based on those suggested by the Editorial Freelancers Association, credentials, and expertise.

Editorial Rates:

Copyediting/proofreading (simple line editing and correction suggestions for spelling, grammar, mechanics, and clarity):

4 - 6 pages/hour at a rate of $55/hour

Developmental editing (more in-depth assistance and suggestions regarding idea development, clarity, focus, content, structure, unity, evidence, and support along with commentary and suggestions regarding attribution to outside source material):

4 - 6 pages/hour at a rate of $75/hour