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Tutorials, Tips, Patterns, and Podcast Suggestions

In addition to reading, writing, and crafting, I do love a good podcast, tutorial, or tip at times, and below are some of my favorites that I'd like to share with you.

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Tips and Tutorials

Pattern Suggestions

Podcast Suggestions

SOCK Assistance

Tips and Tutorials

First, Habetrot's Wheel does have its own YouTube Channel. You can link to it below or click here. The channel is fairly new, but we are uploading tutorial videos, podcasts about the history, literature, and legends of yarn and fiber, and more every week. Check us out!

If you need assistance with READING YOUR KNITTING, check out these 4 Steps to help you get there.

THIS CHART by Lion is particularly helpful when trying to determine how much yarn you need for your project.

AllFreeKnitting offers this tutorial on how much yarn you need for a project, as well.

Little NutMeg Productions ***BEST TUTORIALS

Another amazing tutorial channel is Very Pink Knits! I HIGHLY recommend this channel.

If you are looking for a tutorial on almost anything knit-wise, I absolutely recommend checking out designer Meghan Jones's Free Tutorial videos. They are AMAZING!

Tips and Tutorials
Pattern Suggetions

Pattern Suggestions

I have a number of favorite patterns. Here are some of my absolute favorites:

The shop recently hosted a Virtual Cable KAL, and we used this awesome Celtic Cable Scarf pattern by Rose Hernandez.

Jess Anderson's Bernie's Big Mood Mittens are geared towards more seasoned mitten-makers, but the pattern is really cool. 

Additionally, you can check out suggested patterns (and many are free) through some of our yarn vendors:



Frabjous Fibers and Wonderland Yarns

Kelbourne Woolens



Plymouth Yarns

Ravelry also offers an extensive pattern library. Some do cost money. Others are free. You can always limit your searches to find what you are looking for. 


Arne and Carlos

In addition to great tutorials and suggestions, Arne and Carlos just bring a smile to my face every single time I watch one of their videos. I highly recommend them.


Detroit Knots

TUNISIAN CROCHET AWESOMENESS! Natalie's channel only has a handful of videos up at the moment, but if you are into Tunisian crochet and want to bump up your skill set, definitely check out her tutorials. Plus, she has some awesome traditional crochet and Tunisian crochet patterns available on Ravelry.  

Crochet Luna

Claudia's Vlogcast is such fun! She offers some great discussions about crafting, crochet, and hosts so many super fun Crochet-A-longs. I did the Summer of Romance CAL in 2020, which she co-hosted with Clarisabeth of Crochetcakes, and I so enjoyed it. Claudia is part of Lady Dye Yarns in Boston, and you should definitely check out their available yarns. 

Sweet Sparrow Knits

Julie is an amazing indie dyer, fiber artist, and overall creative mind, and I think you'll enjoy her videos as much as I do.


While searching for some fun crochet podcasts and CALs, I came across Crochetcakes. On the channel, Clarisabeth offers various tutorials, project discussions, and tutorials. Super positive and an all-around great podcast. 

Fruity Knitting

The scope and depth of each episode of Fruity Knitting is a treasure trove of information. Sadly, Andrew passed away in early 2021, but Andrea and their daughter Madeline have continued the program. Fruity Knitting reminds me of the amazing documentaries on PBS, and they provide such an amazing wealth of information. 

Gaye Glasspie

You may know her from her fabulous Instagram account, GGMadeIt. What I love about GG's YouTube Channel is how wonderfully positive and happy and fun her podcasts are. Plus, her love of orange speaks to my autumnal-loving heart. 

Sock Assistance

If you are looking for help with making socks, check out these tutorials and tips:


Drowing in Yarn: Expert Tips for Knitting Socks

Caleb is a fun, enthusiastic knitter who has posted some fantastic content for all things knitting. In this podcast, he gathers together four expert sock knitters who share their tips and suggestions for knitting socks, including Earth Tones Girl, Hey Brown Berry, Summer Lee Design Company, and Makers Knitting. This is a great podcast with suggestions for avoiding ladders, setting up gussets, knitting from the toe up, and why it's great to knit a bunch of vanilla socks to get to understand how to knit socks.

Drowning in Yarn: Sock Knitting & Why I Keep Making Mistakes

In this video, Caleb goes through the mistakes he continues to make when knitting socks. This is particularly helpful to 1.) show that you are not alone if you struggle with different aspects of knitting socks, and 2.) offering tips for overcoming those mistakes.


Kristin Lehrer: How to Knit Socks

Working cuff down, Kristin offers an eight-step process for knitting socks. She walks viewers through knitting cuffs, legs, reinforced heel flaps, gussets, toes, and the Kitchener Stitch.

Arne & Carlos: How to Close Unwanted Holes when Knitting Heels 

In this tutorial, Arne and Carlos address the dreaded holes that can occur when you pick up the gusset and offer tips for how to avoid it. 

Arne & Carlos: How to Knit a Sock WITHOUT Turning a Heel

In this video, Arne and Carlos offer tips on how to knit socks without having to turn a heel! They talk about the Norwegian Spiral Sock--a tube sock that fits your foot perfectly.

Crazy Sock Lady: How to Knit Socks on double pointed needles

Kay, the Crazy Sock Lady, is the queen of knitting socks. This tutorial is great for those of you who want to knit using dpns.





The Crochet Crowd: Crochet Socks for Beginners: Toe Up

Mikey goes through the six steps for crocheting family socks from the toe up in this easy-to-follow tutorial.


Briana K: Felici Beginner Crochet Socks

Briana walks viewers through making cozy, worsted weight crochet socks. She uses a self-striping yarn to illustrate the steps.


Bag-O-Day Crochet: How to Crochet Socks

This tutorial is for more advanced crocheters as the tutorial works through shaping and tailoring your crocheted socks to adjust your socks to fit different sized calves and feet. 

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