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All remaining stock now 25% off!

Blessed Imbolc!

As we celebrate lambing season and the return of the light while we head towards spring, I have increased the discount on all remaining yarns, kits, pattern books and magazines, and notions. You can save 25% off EVERYTHING--no need to enter a coupon code at checkout.

Thank you for your continued support and to those of you who have shared my posts and URL or made a purchase. Every bit helps, especially since the goal is to finally, officially close up by LYS Day on April 27.

I've enjoyed working in the fiber industry, but now that I've moved on to a new career, it's time for Habetrot's Wheel to close the books so I can fully move on without having to divide myself between two career paths. I can't do that, though, while there is still a lot of remaining inventory and shop bills to pay (this website isn't free...). So, if you can pass along the word to your yarn-loving friends and encourage people to take advantage of great discounts on high quality yarns and notions, I'll be forever grateful.

And, don't forget that today is the start of the Fiberuary Challenge on Instagram!

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