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BOOK SWAP on Saturday

I love swapping book recommendations with my friends. It's a great way to encounter stories and authors I might not otherwise pick up. And, even if the book is a dud, I feel vindicated enough to criticize it once having read it (I'm a firm believer that you can't formulate an actual argument or valid critique unless you have read or learned about something. Without facts, all you have is an opinion which isn't worth much beyond being an expression of taste).

I also have a handful of books that are either second copies (sometimes people will give me books that I already own) or books that I know I've already read once and probably won't pick up a second time but that someone else might decide is their prized possession, which is why I thought it would be fun to have a book swap at the shop this Saturday during our normal hours of operation--11am - 4pm.

I'll set up a basket in the middle of the shop where you can leave a book so long as you also take a book--NO using the shop as a place to dump a bunch of books you don't want anymore; for every book you leave, you need to take a book with you.

You can bring any kind of book you want--a cookbook, pattern book, autobiography, biography, poetry, novel, short story collection, graphic novel, nonfiction, drama... PLEASE NO USED COLORING BOOKS because that's just rude. And, while you're here, feel free to squish some yarn and check out our notions and other wares. The weather models are predicting snow for Sunday and Monday, after all.

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