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Extra Savings today (7/11) ONLY

I'm not a big birthday person, and the past few years, my birthday has been pretty awful. So, today I'm just taking it easy with a vacation day from work and by watching Finding Nemo, knitting, hanging out with my Dad, making hot rolls, and enjoying some seafood chowder for supper.

And, because I want to spread this easy-breezy, relaxing attitude, you have the chance to save an additional 5% on your order today.

Enter the code MidsummerSavings at check out and receive an additional 5% off your order. One redemption per customer. Remember, the more you buy, the more you save. Purchase 1 - 9 items, and you'll automatically receive 10% off. Purchase 10 - 14, and you'll receive an automatic 15% discount. Fifteen or more, and you'll receive 20% off. Then, add on the coupon at checkout and see additional savings.

*taxes and shipping calculated at check out

If you'd like to help me celebrate my birthday today, share the code with your yarn-loving friends and encourage them to shop our remaining inventory on this site.

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