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Fair Weather Crafting

Ever feel as though your stitching and yarn choices are related, even slightly, to the weather? I do. Sometimes my project and color palette is in direct opposition to the weather outside because I am looking forward to the coming season; I'll choose fall colors in summer because I adore autumn, or sometimes I'll pick super springy colors while we are still covered in snow because the endless shades of white are seemingly endless. Other times, I choose projects and color palettes simply because they mirror the weather outside, with plushy warm cowls and wraps when it's rainy or snowy because all I want to do is cuddle up, or maybe I'll choose to make a shamrock-colored sweater because it's close to St. Patrick's Day. Or, sometimes my stitching projects reflect the mood I'm in. During Shark Week, because I so love large bodies of water and the creatures that dwell in them, I'll decide to work on a projects in shimmering shades of blues and greens with flowy lacey designs. If I'm feeling down, maybe I'll grab a complicated cable or colorwork sweater to lose myself in and forget why I'm feeling so down in the first place. What is constant, though, is the fact that yarn and stitching and spinning is always there for me, whenever I can't quite make sense of the world or when I'm bursting with joy and need to find an outlet for the overflow of emotion.

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