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Fiberuary, winter projects, and discounts

Have any of you taken up the annual Fiberuary Challenge on Instagram?

If you don't know, #FiberuaryChallenge began in 2018 by Cecelia Nelson-Hurt (aka @CreativeCeci). In late January, she posts a calendar of daily prompts to carry fiber lovers through the entire month of February. Their challenge is to upload one post a day that speaks to the prompt that's been posted.

Past prompts have included "Hi, my name is...", "what's in your project bag?", and "Fiber Festival Flashbacks." The idea is that all month long fiber lovers can share not only a little bit about their mutual love of fiber craft but also about themselves.

If you head over to Instagram to check out this year's Fiberuary Challenge, you'll be treated to a host of really fun responses.

And, if you are looking for some great yarn to add to your stash, everything on the website is 25% off. No coupon code necessary. I've been uploading videos on Instagram and Facebook this week to showcase what's left of specific brands, and if you use the hot links at the bottom of each page on the site, you'll see that certain inventories are quite low. You may want to replenish your stash soon before we sell out of everything for good, and I'm hoping to finally close out the books on the store by LYS Day in late April.

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