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Fixture Sale SATURDAY

Several key pieces of furnture and fixtures have already sold, but we still have quite a bit of cubicle shelving, a number of baskets, cloth storage boxes, book ends, magazine racks and holders, odds and ends, knitted and crocheted samples, accent tables, storage cabinets, a coatrack, $1 used books, and a hand sanitizing station. We are holding a furniture and fixture sale tomorrow, Saturday, June 10, from 9 - 12 noon. If you are planning on taking furniture, please make sure you have someone to help you carry it out of the store, as my leg is injured, and I cannot carry heavy objects.

We still have a lot of yarn, pattern books, and notions inventory remaining, and while we are working on preparing listings for online sales, you can still purchase these items. If you really love a particular yarn line or brand, you might want to consider purchasing the entire lot of that line or brand as these things are going quite quickly. Contact me for updated quanities and total costs if interested.

We will also consider offers for the entire yarn, pattern book and magazine, and notions inventory. Serious offers only.

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