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Getting Ready for Spring

As we head towards March, many find themselves growing more and more antsy as we wait for the beginning of spring, especially as the snow melts, then falls, then melts, then falls, and temperatures outside yo-yo back and forth on the thermometer. Even the wildlife seems to be ready for fresh grasses and sunlight as we start to see more seasonal birds return and wider movements from other animal friends, like the deer herd in the photo attached to this blog that decided to paw around for grass in our backyard last night.

With the coming spring, there's also a renewed interest in our Makers Life, it seems, as those who may have lost their fiber mojo in January and February find themselves enticed by bright spring and summer colors and are encouraged to come out to shop on the sunnier days that are starting to peek through each week.

What does spring mean for you as a maker? Do you suddenly have an urge to try a new technique or pick up an adjacent craft? Do you find yourself gravitating towards brighter, bolder color palettes? Are you ready to break out your needles or hooks or spindles or looms and dive into a new project or finish up an old one because you find a burst of energy?

I often wonder how the seasons affect our making habits. Before I opened the store, I generally followed seasonal making patterns to a degree. Spring meant lighter cardigans and lacy projects. Summer was predominantly for amigurumi (because those projects are generally small and easy to work on despite the summer heat) and lacy scarves. Fall and winter were for afghans and pullovers, mittens and hats, and, well, pretty much everything because it was an excuse to stay cozy. Now, because of samples for the shop and the fact that making is literally my career, I'll make almost anything regardless of the time of year (although I will admit that you'll be hard pressed to convince me to make a bulky afghan in July).

So, as we head towards the Equinox, take a moment and think about what your soul is telling you to make. Do you want to snag some of those beautiful honeyed pinks, tans, and creams for a shawl? Or, are you leaning towards some bold, bright colorwork in fingering weight? Maybe you are aching to wrap your fingers around some silk yarn for a drapey cowl, or perhaps you are really in the mood to churn out a pair of bulky mittens since you know we're probably still in for a few more snow storms before the warm weather truly begins.

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