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Happy Equinox!

I hope that you are all having a wonderful first day of fall. Although it was rather dreary and rainy this morning, at the moment, the sun in shining here at the shop, and I'm truly looking forward to the cooler weather promised this week.

Although many of us think of yarn and fiber projects all year, autumn seems to be a particularly special time for makers. Perhaps its the gorgeously colorful leaves and fields of goldenrod, purple NY ironweed, bluish chicory, bull thistle, milkweed, butterfly weed, Queen Anne's lace, and red clover we see in fields and ditches throughout northwestern PA. Maybe its the bright final tomato, apple, grape, and pepper harvests that spark our imaginations. Or, maybe it's nostaglia for bundling up and walking through pumpkin patches and enjoying the spicy smells in the air that make us long for cozy knits and crochets, brightly woven wraps, and spinning fiber when sunset arrives earlier and earlier every day.

At any rate, I always find that fall is a metaphorical kick in the pants to get moving on some of those fiber projects that I've been toying with throughout the heat and humidity of summer, particularly if any of them are earmarked as winter presents because--and I know a number of you don't want to hear this--Christmas is only three months away if you celebrate that holiday, and if you want to be able to mail presents out so that they reach their destination in time, you really only have about two months or less. (I usually try to make sure that presents I'm sending out are ready to go around Thanksgiving, although lately I haven't always had a chance to get them in the post by then; this year, though, postal predictions suggest that if we plan on shipping presents, we should do so pretty darned early, which means if you're a maker, you better get making)!

So, if you, like me, find autumn to be a moment of crafting rejuvenation as the growing part of the year is winding down and preparing for winter, don't forget to stop by HW because we have so many awesome yarns, fibers, and notions in stock to help meet your maker needs. And, you can always buy a gift certificate for the yarnie in your life through this website.

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