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In need of some imagination

"Well, what can you make with that?"

The above is one of my least favorite questions. Because really, with yarn and fiber, the answer is "just about anything you want."

I have a few hypotheses about the origins of that question. First is that the asker isn't familiar with a type of yarn and are asking said question in a derisive tone to mask their unfamiliarity. Second, that their experience of making is relatively limited and they haven't fallen down the rabbit hole of scrolling through thousands of patterns--everything from cup cozies to animal hats to stuffed lobsters to riding coats. Third, that the question stems from a combination of the first two.

The bottom line is that with any given yarn or fiber, you really can make almost anything that would be made out of yarn or fiber.

Want to make a pillow? You can go the simple route by knitting, crocheting, or weaving two squares and seaming. Then fill.

Want to make a headband? Easy peasy. There are tons of patterns out there that you can find with a simple Google search.

Toy? Better buckle up because if you think there are a lot of headband patterns online and in books, the number of toy patterns will blow your mind.

You can make sweaters, scarves, afghans, dishcloths, washcloths, towel holders, coaster, decorations, wreaths, socks, leg warmers, pants, skirts, dresses, cowls, mittens, fingerless mitts, muffs, cuffs, collars, necklaces, bracelets, ornaments, bags, barrettes, cat caves, pet beds, pet toys, balaclavas, snoods, tea cozies, journal covers, bookmarks, pillows, pillow cases, yoga mat bags, tablet covers, phone covers, wallets, table runners, doilies, candle mats, dusters, mops, wand cases, baskets, pencil holders, hot pads, oven mitts...

I could go on, but you get the idea.

Now, some blends are better suited for certain projects. Non-superwash wool is feltable, so if you want to make a felted project, don't use superwash, synthetic, or plant-based fibers because they won't felt. If you want to make a sock that you can wear while wearing shoes, you'll probably want a fingering weight because worsted weight boot socks are best for walking around the house or in... boots. Socks and leg warmers generally work better if your yarn has some elasticity to it, so while some 100% wool sock yarn has plenty of spring, others do not unless they are blended with a little nylon.

Even still, there are nearly endless possibilities when it comes to yarn. You just need a little imagination.

So rather than asking "What can someone make with that?" try asking "what can't I make with that?" because once you rule out what a particular yarn isn't really meant for (I probably wouldn't use cashmere to make my cat a toy mouse, for example. I love my cat, but cashmere is cashmere), then you're opening yourself up to a broader range of possibilities for what you can make.

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