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Local Yarn Store Day 2021

Local Yarn Store Day, originally instituted in 2018 by The National Needlearts Association (TNNA), has a fluid meaning this year. Last April, LYS Day was postponed due to the start of the covid-19 pandemic and the fact that so many of us were shut down per state and local government orders. Some designers created their own version of LYS Day by offering free patterns with the purchase of yarn to help out LYS. Then, a number of vendors and designers got together and held LYS Day 2020 in September. When TNNA announced April 17 would be LYS Day 2021, many of us were left with a bit of metaphorical whiplash. Several vendors and designers were caught unawares and have been trying to work as quickly as possible to create various deals and offers to encourage the support of local yarn stores. Others have decided to return to the new date of LYS Day in September, giving everyone a full year to make plans. What this means is that you may see two dates to celebrate LYS Day this year. For our purposes at HW, I've been coming up with deals and offers and specials to thank you for your continued support since I opened in 2019, mere months before the shutdown. The Local Yarn Store business isn't an easy one, but one of the things those of us in the industry pride ourselves on is the ability to offer high quality yarns and fibers to our customers along with our expertise about the crafts that use them. So, if you are able, please come out and support your local yarn store this month. Many of are continuing to struggle due to the pandemic, and it's always nice to shop small.

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Local Yarn Store Day is TODAY

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