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Lots of items added to the online store

Updated: Jun 25, 2023

I just added a bunch of items to the online store.

There's more to come, but we have plenty of yarn eye candy for you to shop. Today I added the remaining Dream in Color and Wonderland Yarns.

Everything has to go because we are completely out of the storefront, and this is the end of the line for HW. Please share our online liquidation sale far and wide to all your yarn loving friends.

In the coming days, be on the look out for Lang, Berroco, Plymouth, Kraemer, HauteKnitYarn, and a bit more Cascade, not to mention needles, hooks, notions, and pattern books and magazines. You can scroll through all the items at once or use the navigation links at the bottom of each page to jump to a particular weight yarn or notion/book you are looking for. The yarn is organized by weight.

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