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New Hours

If you have been following the store's social media and/or receive the newsletter, you know that this week began new hours of operation--sort of. HW is still open starting at 10am Tuesdays - Saturdays, and the store still closes at the same time that it has been closing each week, but mornings are now reserved for those who wish to make appointments for in-store shopping or curbside pickup, while walk-in shopping and in-store pickups are welcome in the afternoons after 1pm without appointments, provided there are no more than three (3) customers inside the store at any given time. Proper masking is still absolutely required. This means your mask must be securely positioned over your NOSE and your MOUTH, and it MUST REMAIN IN PLACE THE ENTIRE TIME YOU ARE INSIDE OF THE STORE. No removing your mask to talk or answer the phone. I recognize that the governor will be lifting capacity limits on businesses at the end of May; however, HW will NOT be changing its capacity limits or hours until the CDC and medical experts agree that it is safe to do so.

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