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Ordering Spring Yarn

Yes, I know. It's November. We just FINALLY started to enjoy true fall weather with those crisp but sunshiny days where we can wear our sweaters and fingerless mitts and cowls and all things gloriously warm.

However, yes. I did place my first batch of spring yarn orders this morning.

I know I've talked about this before, but the way the industry works is that we have two seasons: Fall and Spring. And we place our fall orders in the middle of spring and our spring orders in the middle of fall. That's how I found myself looking through some new spring lines, choosing between color palettes, and deciding on delivery dates (some are as far off as July, actually, if you're curious. Yes, I stagger them because small LYS can't possibly withstand the sticker shock or the work involved in inventorying, tagging, and stocking all that yarn all at once).

In the coming weeks I'll be plotting out the rest of my spring 2022 order list. Full disclosure, though, because people have asked, no, I don't plan out orders for all of the yarn lines the shop carries in this way. Typically, I only do seasonal orders with the larger vendors and then hop into the queue for the indies at least once a year, depending on how sales are going. With many vendors, though, I wait until stock gets down enough that I need to reorder. And, to clarify other frequently asked questions: No, I don't have autoshipments when certain colors are sold out or low in stock. Because of minimum purchase requirements and/or shipping costs, I typically don't place orders unless they are larger orders. Ordering yarn isn't like ordering milk for a grocery store. No, I don't always know if a yarn or a color will be discontinued. And, no, I don't have control over when backordered items will be available.

So while it's very strange to be thinking of cottons and bamboos and other spring yarn blends when we're just now in true sweater weather, that's how I spent my morning, which was incredibly energizing and exciting but also a bit trippy. All I'm going to tell you, though, about what I ordered is that I think you'll be pleasantly surprised at some of the new things that are on their way.

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