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Please help me sell off the rest of the stock

Hi, everyone.

I hope you are well and that none of you experienced any problems with the wind storm. And if you did have any weather-related damage, that it is easily and inexpensively remedied.

I posted this in the Make-Along group this morning, and now I am posting it here. I'm writing to ask your help. I need to finally sell off the remaining shop inventory by Local Yarn Store Day--April 29--because I would prefer to not pay for yet another year for the website when the store is closed as it is quite expensive to maintain, and it really is time to move on. HW was great while it was open, but life is very different now.

So, I'm asking that you please share shop posts when you see them along with the website link and encourage your yarn friends throughout the country to shop when they are able. I would greatly appreciate the exposure and reach as traditional advertising really doesn't have the reach it did prior to Covid and all the online algorithm updates.

The faster the remaining stock goes, the faster I can finally pay off the shop bills and be able to move on.

To incentive everyone, I've also added a coupon code for checkout to save an additional 5% off your total purchase for a total of 25% off remaining stock. Enter the code NewYearNewYarn2024 for an additional 5% off at check out.

Thank you.

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