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Save on Yarn, Fiber, Publications, and Notions if you participate in Book Swap Saturday

I love books, and reading is central to who I am as a person. So, when I came up with a way to bring books back into my professional life through Book Swap Saturdays, I knew I had to run with this idea.

The second Saturday of every month is Book Swap Saturday. The basic idea is to bring a book you'd like to swap and then take a book with you! You can bring as many books as you'd like, but you MUST TAKE AS MANY BOOKS AS YOU LEAVE because the store is NOT a book drop for you to get rid of unwanted books. (Yes, I know it's tempting to just drop off books you no longer need/want, but I don't have the space or the inclination to house a bunch of unwanted books. The point is to share them, not offload them.)

This month's Book Swap is this Saturday, February 11.

AND, if you participate in Book Swap Saturday this week by bringing a book (or two or three) and swapping for the same number of books that you brought, you'll receive 10% OFF your TOTAL purchase that day only!

That's right; swap a book--whether it's a cookbook, pattern book, novel, poetry collection, nonfiction book, whatever (just no used activity books because that's rude)--and if you do, then you'll get 10% off your total purchase this Saturday--but ONLY if you actually swap a book.

So, basically, you'll be rewarded for encouraging and enjoying reading!

What could be better than a weekend full of yarn and books? We've been enjoying some lovely warm weather this week, but we also live along the Great Lakes, and it's February, which means the weather can change quickly. Why not be prepared for the next cold snap by picking out your next project and swapping a book you'd like to share for something fun and new to you?

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