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Shark Week and Crafting

Those of you who know me know that Discovery Channel's Shark Week is my absolute favorite week of television every year. I'm fascinated by the work of scientists featured in the documentaries, and I've even convinced my parents to sit and watch the new episodes with me in the evenings. That Shark Week started even earlier this year seriously made my summer. What does this have to do with crafting? In last week's newsletter, I wrote about themed crafting because a lot of times my crafting coincides with whatever it is I'm interested in at the moment. If I'm into binging old episodes of Northern Exposure, I may decide I need to work on my Night Forest pullover (pattern by Casapinka). If I'm reading a mystery novel, sometimes I get in the mood for one of the myriad patterns available on Ravelry that are inspired by Agatha Christie's Miss Marple. And, when Shark Week comes on, I'm all about those watery blues and greens and water-themed projects. In fact, I'm in the middle of no fewer than four such projects, including a brioche wrap from PomPom Quarterly's Fall 2019 issue, the Tin Can Knits Goldfish sweater as a sample for the shop, a blue and white mosaic top from PomPom Quaterly's Summer 2020 issue because the colors make me think of oceanic themes and those gorgeous colors found in posters of Greece, and the Glistening Waters shawl (pattern by Cally Monster) in some stunning watery Hedgehog Fibres yarn. Obsessive? Perhaps. But, honestly, Shark Week is one of those inspirational weeks that gets my crafting mojo flowing and makes me excited to work on some of my many projects. (And by many, I mean that it's nearly embarrassing how many UFOs I have...) So my wish for you this week is that you find that thing that gets your crafting motors purring. Maybe you're into Shark Week the way I am. Maybe you're more interested in the recent release of Virgin River on Netflix. Whatever it is, may it bring you some crafty joy.

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