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The One-Skein Ball

During our first January as a shop, we hosted a One-Skein Ball contest where people were challenged to create something using a single skein of yarn.

This coming January, we will be reviving the One Skein Ball, but with a few changes, as this event will be VIRTUAL.

The basic challenge is this: To create something unique out of a single skein of yarn. HOWEVER, you cannot add anything--fabric, buttons, additional yarn--to that skein. Your finished project must be completed with ONLY a single skein of yarn and nothing more. You don't have to use the full skein, but you can't add anything to that skein.

Then, members of the HW community will vote on the winner through the Make-Along Group on this website.


1.) You must create a unique, original project from a single skein of yarn or a single roving braid or rolag. Yes, that means NO USING SOMEONE ELSE'S PATTERN. What you come up with needs to be ORIGINAL WORK ONLY.

2.) Your skein of yarn, roving braid, or rolag MUST be purchased at Habetrot's Wheel between now (September 9 and January 15, 2023.

3.) You cannot add ANYTHING to your one-skein wonder. No additional yarn. No buttons. No fabrics. Nothing. It's a one-skein wonder, after all.

4.) Your submission must be sent to in the form of an attached photo and include your name, the skein you used and its date of purchase, and the title of your entry by January 20, 2023.

5.) Submissions will be included in the outgoing newsletter and posted for voting on social media. Prizes TBD.

How to Connect through our website:

As you know, last summer, I migrated all shop social media groups to the store website because many people don't want use social media, and, quite frankly, I really dislike Facebook's platform.

If you'd like to participate in our virtual Make-along groups, head over to our website, become a member, and then join the groups in which you are interested.

Once you join the shop website (click on the Log In button at the top right of the page to join), you can send a join request to one of the groups on the Groups List page.

Currently, there are four groups--one general Make-Along Group; one for the upcoming Sock Make-Along; a reading Group; and a group for the upcoming Ornament Make Along.

You can access the store website by clicking here.

You can also download the Wix SPACES app to your phone or mobile device to get notifications and participate in the groups that way. You can then search for and add the shop's website from Spaces, or use the invite code ENI79S to locate the store's site.

REMEMBER, you must be logged into the website to access the groups. If you are logged out (i.e., you don't see your username at the top of the page and it says "Log In" instead), then you won't be able to enter the groups. Depending on how your browser settings, you may need to log in every time you go to the website. Always remember to double check the top to see if you are logged in or not.

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