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Two weeks to Closing!

A number of you have been in to take advantage of our liquidation sale pricing to stock up on some great yarns, magazines, pattern books, and notions before we close. All regularly-priced items are 15% off! While a lot of things have already gone out the door, we do still have quite a bit of stock left in the store.

We are also selling a number of crocheted and knitted samples, most of the furniture, the hand sanitizing station, baskets, $1 used books, destashed yarns, display stands, etc. These items are not part of the liquidation discount, but they are available at a reduced price.

We have TWO WEEKS left before we're gone for good, so if you are waiting, you should probably make your way into the store because prices will not be going any lower than they are now, and if you wait too long, your favorites may be gone. Please note that the loyalty and gift certificate programs have been discontinued during our final two weeks.

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