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We still have a lot of stock left

When we close for business on Saturday, we're planning to be closed FOR GOOD.

However, there's still A LOT of stock left in the shop that HAS TO GO.

We have kits, tons of Mauch Chunky, Tatamy Tweed, Encore DK, Galway Sport, Cascade 220, Aereo Duo, and kits.

And we do still have a fair amount of indie dyed beauties. We also have a smattering of notions, pattern books, and magazines.

Plus, the shelving, the giant dining room table in the back, the coffee table where the clearance yarns are, the coat rack, storage cupboards, filing cabinets, kitchen table where the notions are, baskets, hand sanitizing station, paper and book display stands, pretty wire display stands, and even some of our samples are for sale.

This offer replaces the sale offer from the last two weeks:

All regularly-priced Cascade, Plymouth, Berroco, Kraemer, books, magazines, and notions are 20% off.

Everything else that’s regularly-priced is 15%.

BUT, spend more than $500, and you’ll receive an additional 5% off your total purchase.

We’re also selling a lot of our fixtures, like display stands, samples, and cloth boxes.

Everything has got to go! We will entertain offers to buy the rest of the inventory. Serious offers only. If you are thinking of starting your own yarn shop, you can pick up a lot of quality inventory quickly.

We’re open Wednesday from 2 - 4pm, Thursday and Friday from 1 - 5pm, and Saturday from 9:30am - 3pm.

Please note that with our closing, our loyalty and gift certificate programs have been discontinued.

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