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Yarn and Tea

I'm composing this blog post on Local Yarn Store Day 2021 just a few minutes before the shop opens for the day. As this is our second LYS Day since opening in 2019 (just missed LYS DAY 2019 by three months), we're still trying to find our feet given the shake up of the pandemic, but it's okay, and I find that a lot of inspiration and deep breathing can happen while enjoying a nice hot cup of tea while being surrounding by glorious yarn. In fact, I'm in my office sipping some lovely gingerbread spice tea with a splash of half and half contemplating which project to work on next and enjoying some of the brilliant pattern suggestions by our vendors for LYS DAY. So many patterns... so little time... The rich colors, the textures, and the hint of a pattern suggestion are all it takes to set off a host of daydreams of playing with squishy, luscious, quality fiber and yarn for me. And, a lovely cup of aromatic hot tea makes it all the more blissful. Coffee works, too, but when I want to linger and take a few moments to myself to breathe, it's tea. I tend to gravitate towards black and herbal teas, to be honest. I prefer spiced teas with more fall flavors--like cardamom, cinnamon, ginger, and clove. Trader Joe's Harvest Blend is an absolute favorite, and chai made in a crockpot with soy milk is heaven (thanks to the yoga studio I frequented during graduate school). Tea, for me, allows for contemplation, for breathing deeply and enjoying its soft notes on my tongue while playing with the huggable wools I so adore. It allows me to fully relax and enjoy the comfort of working with fiber in a way that simply sitting cross-legged on the couch with a glass of ice water doesn't. There's just something about tea and yarn...

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