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Below is a list of yarns and fibers currently available in-store at Habetrot's Wheel. Please note that while the store offers a number of colors, it cannot offer all colors available from each vendor.

If you would like to purchase a gift certificate, you may do so directly and securely through out website by clicking on the Shop page.

For mail and pickup orders, please email or call to inquire about colors, availability, pricing, and shipping.

We offer pickup, private shopping appointments, and mail order for domestic shipping. At this time, international shipping is not available.

To see photos of the yarns and their retail prices, please visit our Facebook album of available yarns and notions. To view further information about these yarns, click on the vendors' links to search their offerings. 

YES! YES! YES! We ARE offering DropShip purchases for Casapinka's National Bubble Tea Day NONCHO kits using EMMA'S YARN!

Simply call or email the shop to place an order BEFORE April 29, 2021, and you will receive your yarn directly from Emma's! Kits start at $127.20 (plus tax) depending on size needed, with $9 for shipping.


*a download code will be emailed to you in time for the pattern release and MUST be redeemed the weekend of April 30!

Photo of Sample of Noncho (left) courtesy of Casapinka. Shown in the Securrrity Colorway 

Pictured Top row photo one: Glamping; photo two: Securrrity; Bottom Row: photo one: Remote; photo two: Better than Hype

If you don't want to do the Emma's colorways or would prefer different yarns, including several cotton-based options, check out our combo suggestions of instock yarn at HW here.

Berroco (click here to see Available yarns)

Artesia $30

Coco $20

Comfort $6.50

Comfort Print $7
Comfort Sock $8

Farro $9

Gingham $11

Liana $12

 Medina   $14 

Millefiori $14

Millefiori Light $14

Pixel $20

Remix $11

Remix Light $12

Sesame $16.50

Mantra and Stonewash Mantra $12

Summer Silk $15

Tiramisu $13

Ultra Alpaca $13

Ultra Wool DK $12

Ultra Wool Chunky $12

Cascade Yarns  (Click here to see Available yarns)

Aereo and Aereo Duo $24

Aegean Tweed $12

Anchor Bay  $10.50

Cartwheel $10.50

Cascade 220 Wool $ 10.50

Cascade Superwash 220 $11

Cascade Superwash 220 ColorWave $12

Fixation $5.50

Friday Harbor $13.50

Furliscious $9.50

Heritage $11

Heritage ColorWave $14.50

Llamerino $14

Luminosa $21

Pacific $7.50

Pacific ColorWave $8.50

Pacific Multis $8

Roslyn $15

DizzyWigFibers  (Click here to see available yarns)

Sock $21

DK weight $24

Gradient Packs (sock weight) $30

Mini skeins (sock weight) $6

Dream In Color (Click here to see available yarns)

City $23

Classy $23

Smooshy $25

Smooshy with Cashmere $34

Jilly Singles $24

Jilly Lace with Cashmere $32

Victorious Shawl Kits $102

Emma's Yarn (Click here to see available yarns)

               Anne of Green Gables KAL kits $38.50

              Practically Perfect Sock $26.50

              Simply Spectacular DK $26.50

              Practically Perfect Smalls $6

              Simply Spectacular Smalls $6 

Fairy Tale Yarn Company (Click here to see available yarns)

Dobby Sock $35

Mermaid's Hair Fingering $38

Queen's Sport $29

Pegasus $30

Hippogriff Pride $30

Fairy Tale Wool (currently out of stock)

Sport-weight Rustic Spun $24

Frabjous Fibers and Wonderland Yarns (Click here to see available yarns)

Alice DK Tonals and Variegated $32

Around the World 2020 DeSTITCHnation Kits $32

Around the World 2021 DeSTITCHnation Kits $36

Blossoms $36

Blossoms Garden Club Kits 2021 $40

Cheshire Cat Fingering Tonals and Variegated $26

The Grand Tour: Space Camp Yarn Club, $55 per kit

Mad Hatter Sport Tonals and Variegated $26.50

Mad Hatter Sport ColorBursts $26.50

March Hare Worsted Tonals and Variegated $26.50

Merino Roving Braids $18.50

Messenger Kits $40

Mini 5-Skein Packs (all weights) $40 - 45 

One and A Quarter Kits $33

Opposites Attract Kits $70

Parfait Cowl Kits $23

Woodland Creature Bags $25.50

Koi Notion Bags $17.50

TweedleDeeDum Bulky Tonals and Variegated $26.50

MaryAnn Sock $26 

Queen of Hearts Fingering $30.50

HauteKnitYarn (Click here to see Available Yarns)

Jimmy Sock $27

Elsa Sock $27

Trevor Morgan DK $27​

Hedgehog Fibres (Click here to see Available Yarns)

KidSilk Lace $35

Tweedy $29 (currently out of stock)

Twist Sock $30

Hemlock House suri alpaca roving 

               Mixed bags (Cost varies)

Kelbourne Woolens (Click here to see Available Yarns)

Germantown $15

Andorra  $12

Lucky Tweed $20

Mojave $10

Perennial Sock $26

Scout $16

Year of Gifts Kits $20 - 40

Kraemer Yarns (Click here to see Available Yarns)

Bear Creek $19.50

Belfast $11.90

Fountain Hill $11.45

Mauch Chunky $8.50

Perfection Chunky $5.90

Perfection Lights $6.40

Tatamy Tweed DK $5.90

Tapas $7.75

Tatamy Tweed Worsted $5.90

Saucon Sock $14.50

Lang  (Click here to see available yarns)

Fruit Soxx $18

LuvMonkeyBug Alpaca blend rolags (Click here to see available yarns)

Assorted colors and blends

malabrigo  (Click here to see available yarns)

Arroyo $19.20

Caracol $24

Nube $15

Rasta $22

Rios $15.40

Sock $19.20

Opal Sock (Click here to see available yarns)

Seasonals $16

Plymouth Yarns (Click here to see available yarns)

Adriafil KidSeta Mohair $14

Angora $8

Angora Luks $10

Beach Pebbles $6.50

Coffee Beenz $8

Cleo $5.85

DreamBaby $4.49

DreamBaby PaintPot $5.49

Electra Lite $19

Encore DK $3.79

Encore Worsted Tweed $6.99

Encore Worsted $6.49

Fantasy Naturale $9

Galway Sport $9.99

Jelli Beenz $8

Hannah $8

Happy Feet 100 and Splash $20

Hot Cakes $13.99

Incan Spice $12.49

Moon Shadow $11

Nako Denim $8

Pendenza $15

Plymouth Bay $12.99

Sea Isle Cotton $16

Tussah Kissed $19

Snowy Oaks Llama Farm Yarn (Click here to see available yarn)

Sport weight $28

Sweet Sparrow Yarns (Click here to see available yarn)

          Goldfinch DK $24

          House Wren fingering $24

          Magpie fingering $26

          Nuthatch fingering $24

          Phoebe DK $24

Three Irish Girls Yarn (Click here to see available yarn)

Cavan Lace $26

Finley Fingering $22.50

Springvale Sock $26.50

Springvale Worsted $26.50

Wool Addicts (Click here to see available yarn)

Liberty $14

Happiness $14

Sunshine $12

Summer 2020 Pattern book set $17.94

Zen Yarn Garden (Click here to see available yarns)

Serenity Silk+ $42

Superfine Glitter $34

Superfine DK $33

Warm and Cozy kits $12


H.W. carries a range of Knitters Pride knitting needles and notions, KA Crochet hooks, Susan Bates hooks, Susan Bates HandiTools, Aqua Sock Blockers, Greensleeves Spindles Bare Bones Drop Spindles, Katrinkles handmade notions and stitchmarkers, handmade Project Bags, a small selection of buttons, Paradise wooden stitch markers, Joy of Sunshine soaps and stitch markers, Harborcreek Honey lotion bars, handmade beaded row counters, and a variety of other notions.

We carry Interweave Knits, Interweave Crochetand PomPom Quarterly

The shop also sells a number of crochet and knitting pattern books along with a handful of loose patterns, and it participates in Ravelry's in-store pattern sales.

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